Borosilicate Glass

borosilicate glass is resiliant to hot and cold temperatures, perfect for tea/coffee and ice cold fruit infusions

Large Basket Strainer

Place in your favorite loose leaf tea or ground coffee and steep for a long or as a little as you like

Neoprene Sleeve

Includes a black neoprene sleeve for added protection during travel or double insulation

evosa glass exploded view_web
Trendy Bamboo Lid

Our bamboo lid is naturally antibacterial and closes with a watertight silicone seal locking in freshness while preventing spills.

Recipe E-Book

Every order includes a free recipe e-book to keep you inspired with new ideas

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Beautiful, Sleek, Efficient!

“I absolutely love this product!! It’s amazing, very high quality! The design is beautiful, sleek, and efficient! I’m a huge lover of infusing water and have tried other bottles but by far this is my favorite!”

Cenee A.
Lubbock, Texas

Extra Refreshing

“This is THE most beautiful water bottle I’ve ever owned! The glass is thick and the bamboo top is soooo pretty and unique!  I love putting cucumber slices in the infuser part! It combines the refreshing qualities of cold water with that of cucumbers and is just EXTRA refreshing…”

Vanessa K.

Spa Water Every Day!

“I really love this bottle. I have hard time drinking plain water and this bottle helps me stay on my water target goal. I add fresh fruits to the water and ice in the evening and the spa water is ready for me in the morning!”


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